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QTL scans of expression and clinical traits

Performs QTL scans for gene expression in each of 6 tissues, or >100 diabetes-related clinical traits. Generates graphical plots genome-wide or for specific chromosomes. Sex-specific scans and allele-dependence plots are available. For multiple traits, heat maps can be used for easy visualization.

Data Source: LOD Allele dependence (one trait at a time).
Sex: Both Male Female
Clinical Traits:
(Can only be
selected with
LOD data)
  (Hold Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple traits)
Genes: Gene Symbol a gene id a substance id Accession Code Entrez ID
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(one per row)
Tissues: Islet Liver Hypothalamus Adipose Gastroc Kidney
Plot Type: heat map ( Show genomic position of genes )
  Profile scan
Rescale LOD? Support Peaks None
Clustering? Yes No
Color Scheme: Red-blue gray cm heat terrain top
Threshold: Enter 0 - 1.0
Unit: cM Mb
Y-Label: Symbol a_gene_id symbol.a_gene_id none
Image Size: Width: (inches) - Height: (inches), Font Size: , Resolution:
Plot Title: Leave blank to use default title.
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